Step 1:

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  • (http:// required)
  • Step 2:

    • Three perimeter walls painted white (X-Small booths may include 2 walls only). Wall height is 12'
    • Lighting package (based on booth size)
    • Standard industrial carpeting
    • Booth signage and cleaning
    • Wireless Internet service
    • Free shuttle bus services
    • Exhibitor, Set-Up and Exhibiting Artist Passes
    • Listing in online archive of exhibitors and corresponding artists at
    • Full page advertisement in major arts publications
    • Inclusion in fair's social media strategy: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Show Management will attempt to assign booths within the requested size. If not enough booths in that category are available, the next highest category will be selected.

    Prices are shown for estimate purposes only and are subject to change. Premium placement charge (first third of the fair): $1’000. Outside/Corner booth walls are charged $50 per 1 foot of wall.
    A fee of $250 for unlimited drayage is applied to all exhibitors regardless of booth size.

  • Special requests concerning location will be considered whenever possible, but cannot be made a condition of participation or relieve any applicant from any payment obligation under its agreements stated in the Terms and Conditions of Participation.

    If you would like to request the same position as last year, a corner booth, south facing windows, north facing windows, no windows, or any other notes you may do so here.

  • Step 3:

    First Choice Artist for Application

  • Second Choice Artist for Application

    If the gallery would like to submit an additional artist for consideration, please fill out the below fields. Large and X-Large booths may be divided into two solo shows by purchasing additional wall buildouts. Show management must approve both artist proposals. Upon acceptance and booth allocation, the gallery must present the suggested booth layout for further review and approval.
  • Step 4:

    Applicants may submit up to 10 JPEG images in low resolution for review.
    If submitting two separate solo projects for consideration please upload 5 images per proposal.

    Image Requirements:

    • Artwork Images & Booth Renderings: JPEG format only
    • Maximum image size: 10MB
    • Maximum image resolution: 300dpi
    • High-res images are not accepted and cannot be uploaded to our server.
    • You may not proceed to the next step before images have been uploaded.


    In an effort to reduce overhung booths and to create more curated fair environment for our audience of collectors, curators, and critics, VOLTA requires at least a booth rendering or a booth sketch with the intended hanging plan to be submitted with the proposal.

    If your application is accepted, the gallery will be held accountable to the booth rendering description unless further details and changes are communicated and confirmed by the Artistic Director. By submitting this application, the Exhibitor agrees to abide by the aesthetic standards set forth by Show Management.

    VOLTA aspires to create a collaborative environment between Show Management and each Exhibitor in order to honor the art and create an exemplary exhibition space.

  • Optional Site Specific Secondary Project (JPEG)

  • (Site specific/performative sculpture Image)
  • Additional Support Materials (PDF)

    Additional support materials such as comments regarding work, concept, or artist biographies and press dossiers can be uploaded here (PDF format only). Support materials, such as artist statements and biographies are strongly recommended. VOLTA will visit your website and do other necessary research to familiarize themselves with your gallery history and program. Please make sure that the document titles are specific.

  • (No additional files are currently uploaded)